Forest School

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Richard Wood and his team have been running Forest School activities since May 2006. Since that time well over 7000 children have learnt and played alongside us in the woodlands of Northumberland and beyond! 


The idea of "forests schools" comes from Scandinavia where it is believed that children’s early age contact with nature is extremely important. Forest School activities offers children opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem, through hands-on learning experiences. These experiences take place all year round, in all weathers.  Although this is nothing new to those involved in Scouting, Guiding and life outdoors in the past, many children nowadays just don't get these terrific learning and development opportunities.

 Through careful liaison with teaching staff, days are designed to provide activities which link in to children’s learning in school but also give the freedom for the children to explore using multiple senses, encouraging creative, diverse and imaginative play.

Our main woodland sites are at Howick (kindly supported by Lord Howick, though this is less used now) and  Blagdon (kindly supported by Lord Ridley) though we can arrange access to other woodland throughout the county.

We have also helped many schools set up their own Forest school environments within their school grounds in Northumberland, North Tyneside, City of Newcastle and Gateshead.

We have recently stopped hosting Forest School days and now concentrate on training for adults